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About Us

Tiny Toes has been operating as a home based childcare location for over 7 years. We are a 24-hour facility that caters to 2nd and 3rd Shift and Power weekend parents, We eagerly welcome children with special behaviors and look forward to encouraging them to develop more manageable behaviors and meet their developmental milestones.

At Tiny Toes Learning Center (TTLC) our mission is to touch hearts and build minds 24 hours a day, while providing affordable childcare to families within Monroe County. With Emphasis on Early Childhood Education, we provide a wide range of age-appropriate learning opportunities for children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age.

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Our Tools & Programs

About Keystone Stars

  • To improve the quality of early care and education;

  • To support early care and education providers in meeting their quality improvement goals;

  • To recognize programs for continuous quality improvement and meeting higher quality standards; and

  • To provide families a way to choose a quality early care and education program

OCDEL's Keystone STARS Program supports all early care and education programs to improve program quality. We encourage programs to think about the Keystone STARS Performance Standards as a tool to support continuous quality Improvement (CQI) that impacts services to the children and families in your care.

Procare is an online portal to use in order to access account information and easily pay tuition. Procare Connect is safe, secure and created with convenience in mind.

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Keystone STARS is a program of Pennsylvania's Office of Child Development and Early Learning (OCDEL). Keystone STARS has four primary goals:

One Call is a tool used to reach parents in their preferred way, improving school communication and engagement. Whether an emergency alert needs to be sent to parents or a reminder of upcoming events, One Call can quickly and reliability get the message out.

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